Conflict Management and Dispute Resolution Services

The life of an athlete, entertainer or other celebrity can be extremely stressful and difficult. Periodically “life happens” and conflicts arise, both personally and professionally. Through our highly-trained and experienced alternative dispute resolution team members, we offer professional conflict management and dispute resolution services to help our clients confidently and effectively navigate through the challenges life can bring.

With over 25 years of experience facilitating dialogue between parties in conflict, building consensus around difficult issues, and developing “win-win” solutions, our team members have the substantive legal knowledge, process expertise, and cultural competency to provide substantial value and benefit to our clients.
Our team members utilize a holistic, interest-based approach to conflict and are skilled in the use of facilitative, evaluative-directive, and transformative models of mediation as well as basic and developmental facilitation.

The beauty of a transformative mediation is that it not only helps the parties in conflict to resolve the specific issues that are a source of their conflict, but the process also enables the parties to improve and transform their overall relationship by shifting their interaction from negative, destructive, and alienating behavior to positive, constructive, and connecting behavior.

  • Family Mediation
  • Contract Mediation
  • Relationship Mediation
  • Organizational Group Facilitation
  • Interpersonal Communication Skills Training
  • Conflict Management and Dispute Resolution Coaching