In Houston, Texas in the late 1960s, musician and composer Conrad O. Johnson, widely known as “Prof”, took a job as Music Director at the predominantly black Kashmere High School where he would go on to transform the school’s struggling jazz band into a full-fledged funk powerhouse. The Kashmere High School Stage Band and their dynamic leader would soon become legendary and world-renowned.

What is truly extraordinary is that in February 2008, 30 former Stage Band members, Thunder Soul Orchestra now all in their fifties, reunited for the first time in 35 years to play a tribute concert for their former teacher, mentor, and beloved bandleader, Prof, who was 92 years old. They would rehearse in the very same band room where they used to practice as kids. And then they would go on to perform before the current student body at the very school where they made history decades earlier.

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