About Us

We Appreciate You!
Your talent, skills, commitment and hard work have put you at the top of your profession and on an elite celebrity list. When you show up and perform as only you can, you demonstrate to all what excellence looks like. You lead an extraordinary life,and you deserve the exceptional support of Barnes Marketing and Management Group.

Your Status is our Business

Barnes Marketing and Management Group is an experienced full-service representation firm for athletes, entertainers, actors, authors and social leaders.

We help our clients capitalize on their success, maximize their incomes and simplify their lives.

As Your Trusted Advisor

We commit to:
Align your name and status with global products and services that protect and progress your brand;
Continuously explore and pursue new, exciting and rewarding promotional opportunities to meet your personal and charitable goals;
Take care of you and those you care about so that you move with ease, order and comfort through your personal and professional obligations.

Superb Service

With honesty and integrity, we deliver five key service areas swiftly, efficiently, thoroughly and discreetly: Marketing & Promotion Services, Global Concierge and Personal Services, Professional Services, Event Management Services, Non-Profit Development & Philanthropy Services, and Conflict Mediation Services. Most importantly, we include your families in your plans and in our services. .


Our Team


Stanley B. Barnes

Stanley Barnes is a dynamic marketing professional with extensive experience in sales, marketing, public relations, strategic planning and contract negotiations. His expertise includes over 15 years’ experience with Fortune 500 companies, where he received numerous awards for achieving notable milestones...

Monique Maye
Legal Counsel

Monique Maye is a native of New York City, where she attended Brooklyn College, and earned a degree in Political Science. She has a Masters degree in Sports Management and a Law degree from Massachusetts School of Law. During her collegiate career, Ms. Maye lettered in softball and basketball. Beyond her collegiate years...

Dwayne Hildreth
Endorsements Advisor

Embodying 20+ years of sales, marketing, product endorsement, and branding experience, Dwayne brings a unique synergy of expertise heavily influenced by Sports and Fitness and Music Entertainment. Having worked with some of the most accomplished industry professionals, Dwayne has...

Larry Morritt
Online Marketing Advisor

Larry Morritt is an online marketing expert with a long history of helping entrepreneurs bring their ideas into reality. With a deep background in business development and marketing, Larry is adept and designing and developing effective online marketing campaigns across broad range of professions...