d-staffEmbodying 20+ years of sales, marketing, product endorsement, and branding experience, Dwayne brings a unique synergy of expertise heavily influenced by Sports and Fitness and Music Entertainment. Having worked with some of the most accomplished industry professionals, Dwayne has a deep understanding of the symbiotic relationship that exists between athletes and musicians. As a former collegiate athlete and musician himself, he appropriately relates to both worlds.

A visionary at his core, Dwayne is collaborative in his thought process, recognizing the importance of team cohesiveness to achieve a desired goal. Over the years he has successfully amassed critical resources and network streams to assist in driving strategic sales, branding, and endorsement objectives. Through these relationships he has partnered with multiple agencies and organizations to activate a range of “consumer moments”. Dwayne is energetic, positive and task oriented, leveraging his skill sets to help attain positive results.